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In memory of Steven Hawke, 1988 - 1999
Steven Charles Hawke Steven Charles Hawke was born on March 12, 1988 and died tragically in 1999 at the age of 11 from A.V.M. (Arterio Venous Malformation), which resulted in a massive brain hemorrhage.

He was enjoying a fun game of football with his Grade 6 classmates at Eastview Public School in Oakville, Ontario, when the hemorrhage happened.

Steven was airlifted to The Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, Ontario. Emergency surgery was performed, but was not successful. Steven was pronounced brain dead the following day. Shortly after receiving the devastating news, we thought about donating Steven's organs and tissues.

This is what Steven would have wanted. That for sure we know. Steven was such a giving, thoughtful and caring child. He was everyone's friend and walked with a ray of sunshine above him. We know that if we had had the chance to discuss this option with him, he would have, without a doubt, said, "YES!"
With the donation of Steven's liver, he saved the life of a University student who suffered many years with liver cancer. He also saved the lives of two teenagers, each one receiving Steven's kidneys. Four very fortunate people received his corneas and are no longer blind. Steven's tissues and valves have allowed many newborn babies to live a full life.

You can imagine how we feel about Steven living on and bringing new life to so many deserving individuals.

A part of you could also live on. All it takes is for you to speak openly with your family about your wishes to donate your organs.

- submitted by The Hawke Family
As Life Goes On

As the passing of the season
We will never understand the reason
As the rising of the new sun
Steven's new day has just begun
As the glimmering light on the lake you see
This is where our Steven will be
As the gentle winds in the pines
Steven will gently rest in all our minds
As the spring rains bring everything new
Steven will be amongst the dew
As the children sled on the new fallen snow
You can be sure Steven's in tow
As the splendorous colour of the autumn leaves
For that is Steven if you please
As the birds soar in the sky
That is Steve so way up high
As the strike of lightning burns like a knife
What's more important is Steven brought new life
Love, Daddy

- written by Brad Hawke, Steven's father

Step by Step and Kristopher's Wish give our thanks to The Hawke Family for giving us permission to share Steven's story and poem with you. Sharing their story helps us to increase awareness of organ and tissue donation, which is the objective of Step by Step and Kristopher's Wish.

The Hawke Family and Step By Step would also like to thank the following people for their donations made in memory of Steven Hawke. Their kindness will help further the Step By Step / Kristopher’s Wish trek throughout Canada.

The following donations have been made “In Memory of Steven Hawke”:

Brad, Yvonne and Bryon Hawke (Steven's father, mother and brother) ...
"All it takes is for you to speak openly with your family about your wishes to donate your organs."

Mrs. Kathryn F. Hall and family (family friends) ...
"This has opened our eyes to the benefits of organ donation and we readily agree that an organ donation is a gift of life."

Denese and Robin Hall, and family ...
"In memory of an incredible family for helping others to receive the very precious gift of life, which is an inspriration to all."

"In memory of my Grandson. Steven was able to help save and enhance the lives of others."