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Day 4 - January 11 - Chatham, Ontario

Chatham, Ontario

Meet Kris:

Booth, Downtown Chatham Center

Other Activities:
Public Display Day

Special Thanks:
Comfort Inn, Chatham
The Chatham Daily News
Spiro's Restaurant
Retro Suites
Jerry Pickard, M.P. Chatham-Kent Essex
Pat Hoy, M.P.P. Chatham-Kent Essex
Mayor Diane Gagner
Staples, Chatham
Just 4 the Birds
Chatham Police Department

Special Angels:
Linda Treacy

Kristopher and Billy Adie in Chatham, Ontario
Retro Suites in Chatham, Ontario
George and Kristopher in Chatham, Ontario Chatham, Ontario
Kristopher at the Comfort Inn, Chatham, Ontario
Kristopher and Billy Adie at the Chatham Mall in Chatham, Ontario

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