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Day 129 - May 15, 2004 - Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta


On Saturday, May 15, 2004, Kristopher was honoured in a very heartfelt ceremony. Fox & Ruth Morin presented Kristopher with an eagle feather and named him Flying Eagle. Prior to that, the Morin Family invited Kristopher, George, Kelly and Merle to their family sweat. Along with other family members and friends, they spoke and sang special prayers for Kris and the campaign. There are no words that are strong enough to express our gratitude towards the love we received. We at Step by Step and Kristopher's Wish shall treasure and respect the experience for a long time.

Special Thanks:
Edmonton Police Department
Mother Teresa Elementary School
Kelsey's Restaurant
Smitty's Restaurant
Best Western
St. Rose Junior High School
City of Edmonton
West Edmonton Mall
Mayor Bill Smith
Health Minister Gary Mar
Alberta Legislative Assembly
Lieutenant Governor Lois E. Hole
Erik Floren and the Edmonton Sun
A Channel
Global Television
All Edmonton Radio Stations
Edmonton Journal
Erinn, Warren, Brennan & Evan Zaplachinski

Many Angels:
Don Clarke,
     who organized all activities in Edmonton
Pat Riley & the West Edmonton Travelodge,
     who provided excellent accommodations
     and hospitality
Applebee's Neighbourhood Grill & Bar,
     who provided meals throughout most
     of Alberta and much more

Walking with Kristopher in Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Kristopher speaks to students at the Amiskwaciy Academy in Edmonton, Alberta
Amiskwaciy Academy in Edmonton, Alberta
Amiskwaciy Academy in Edmonton, Alberta CFRN, Edmonton, Alberta's News
Kristopher being interviewed on CFRN News in Edmonton, Alberta Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta Applebee's Restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta
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